Approved Software Guidelines

For some time there has been concern about the purchasing of appropriate software to support instruction and will work in our computer environment. An effort to see what software is in use in the District a software inventory process has been completed. From the process, software titles were then looked at for their support of the curriculum, their use as a productivity tool in the classroom and administration and also how well they can be supported in our computer environment. The outcome of this process had two objective. An essential outcome of this process was to publish a standard directory of software that supports the processes mentioned. Another outcome was to provide a process for the future purchased of software and its ability to be supported.
As a result of these efforts, there are now approved software lists maintained on this web site. Also as part of this effort, a process for future purchases of software for a school or department has been created. If the software is already on the district approved software list, purchasing will issue the purchase order for the software. If the software is not on the list, the software must go through the software evaluation process provided on this web site. This process includes review for its instructional support of the curricula, productivity and ability to fit the computer environment.
Some software currently in use in schools is not on the approved software list. Schools and departments are encouraged to upgrade software to District supported titles.
We feel this process will better support the teaching and software support process.


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