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Granger High School


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ZBrush is the industry standard for 3D modeling using digital sculpting techniques. It allows creation of digital assets using a sculpting process similar to what you would do with an actual piece of clay. Zbrus comes in three variants: ZBrush, ZBrush Core, and ZBrush Core Mini. ZBrush is the professional level of the software with all features unlocked, while ZBrush Core provides a more cost effective option with fewer capabilities. ZBrush Core Mini is a Free version of the software with a reduced feature set that is meant as an entry point for people to learn the modeling skills available in the more advanced versions before needing to spend the cost for a fuller version. ZBrush Core Mini is the replacement for Sculptris, a program that was already approved for use in our CTE classes. I am putting the link to the Mini version in the download URL because it is a simpler process to acquire and is essentially the same program with fewer brushes, limited texturing options, a smaller list of import and export capabilities, and a reduced limit on the number of polygons; however, if you would like to try the full version, a time limited version can be downloaded here: https://pixologic.com/zbrush/trial/signup.php






We have used Sculptris in our Game Development Fundamentals and 3D Graphics classes for more than five years, but since it is no longer available and has been replaced with ZBrush Core Mini, it is time to get ZBrush approved. I am also interested in adding a seat or two of the full ZBrush for my advanced students to use in Graphic Design: Video Games so that they can learn the more advanced modeling skills and techniques that it provides. The vast majority of video game companies use ZBrush to create all of their character models for games. I fell that this is an important tool to have in our arsenal.


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Customer and Technical Support


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9th Grade


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12th Grade





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3D Graphics Strand 2: Students will create a basic 3D model as an introduction to the 3D development process. Strand 3: Students will model 3D objects. Strand 4: Students will apply surface materials to 3D models.


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