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Granite Park Jr. High School


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Amber Wells - Guitar Teacher






Online guitar program with videos demonstrating guitar warm ups, rhythm reading, and ensemble pieces straight from the Guitar Fundamentals Beginning Guitar Book by Mike Christiansen.






I would love to be able to use this in my guitar classes, especially for my distance learners. The school already owes the Guitar Fundamentals Beginning Guitar Book that goes with these video lessons. Mike Christiansen created the program and founded the guitar program at Utah State University. The quality of the videos are much better than anything I can produce with my Chromebook camera. He goes in detail about each exercise and guides the students through learning the guitar. There are videos to watch as well as music examples to play along with and practice. I found out about this online program through a family member who is in Davis District and uses this for his online guitar class. I feel this would be very beneficial for my distance learners to be able to have professionally demonstrated videos about the same things that my in person students are learning in class. To create a student account I would need to enter their first and last name and school email address. As the teacher I also have the ability to change student accounts and erase all of their log in information to change that account to another student. These accounts last for 11 months, which would mean I would be able to use them for next fall semester if we still have distance learners at that point. If not, this is still a great resource for students to have when they are practicing at home, even if they are an in-person learner.


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Consonus Music Institute


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6th Grade


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12th Grade



Fine Arts


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