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Kennedy Jr High (546)


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Principal Secretary






The Naviance Readiness Solution is a comprehensive toolset that helps you assess and develop essential competencies students need to be successful after high school. The Naviance platform helps you understand students’ interests, strengths, and needs, so you can individualize support to help them reach their goals. Unique readiness content and activities help you build knowledge and strengthen students’ competencies in all essential areas. The research-backed CCLR Framework includes six core competencies students must develop to be adequately prepared for life after high school. Naviance gives you the tools to help students strengthen each one.






We would like to purchase Naviance because it is a image and vocabulary friendly tool for students. It has 7 assessments, multiple intelligences, learning styles, personality traits for students to learn about themselves. It also has an SEL component. Naviance connects jobs to salaries and pathways to achieve these careers. This is a great tool for self improvement *We do not have a definitive answer on what data is shared with the software vendor. *We have a quote for a year of service that we can send over.


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Sarah Frederickson


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6th Grade


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8th Grade





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