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Granger High


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CYMC Teacher/Coordinator






This website has credit recovery semester courses used for students to make up their credits in the accelerated CYMC program at Granger High (2018-Current), previously GTI (2015-2018). Cyprus began a CYMC program using the same software in (2019-current). It includes all core courses (English, Math, Science, History) and a variety of other courses required by Granite District/USBE for graduation purposes. The courses are aligned with Utah graduation requirements and course standards. Courses were aligned with Granite School District course numbers when GTI began the program (I believe in 2015).






The purpose of this software is to provide students with semester courses to fulfill graduation requirements in courses they have not passed. This program is specifically used for the CYMC programs that have been in the district (GTI, 2015-2018; Granger High, 2018-current; Cyprus, 2019-current). This program is used with seniors extremely behind in credits as the academic portion of getting their diploma and GTI construction is used for the CTE/Elective side of credits for students to meet school/district/state graduation requirements.


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9th Grade


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12th Grade



English Language Arts, K-12


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