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This is a website that has been purchased by USBE for all statewide YIC locations to use with YIC eligible youth under our care and in accordance with grant requirements. The product is called MajorClarity. I have copied and pasted the information sheet [below] that was forwarded to me from our YIC rep so that access can be granted to us from our information systems. 1. MajorClarity utilizes Wistia for all embedded video content: Please whitelist fast.wistia.net and *.wistia.com to allow all embedded site tutorials and educational career content to be viewed on student devices Ensure this is applied to all students under contract, which can range from grades 4 - 12 depending on your district's agreement. 2. Beyond our standard site of platform.majorclarity.com, we also use some unique subdomains that need to be whitelisted as well: Please ensure microcredentials.majorclarity.com is accessible by all middle & high school students in addition to our core platform. 3. MajorClarity has many built-in messaging and communication tools in place for teachers and counselors. To function properly, certain networking parameters are required: Ensure hello@majorclarity.com is an allowable email for all middle & high school students. All messages and surveys sent from staff arrive from this email. Don’t place any limit on email volume from the above address. Staff have the option to message/survey students in bulk, which will get blocked if your district limits or flags bulk sending from this email address. Please whitelist https://click.pstmrk.it - this is a part of our backend email delivery system for sending platform messages (from staff sent to students) i. If needed, you may also specifically whitelist all of Postmark’s outbound IP addresses: https://postmarkapp.com/support/article/800-ips-for-firewalls






Career and College Readiness Platform for all eligible YIC students in YESS.


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4th Grade


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12th Grade





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