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Instructional specialist






The iOLab device is a wireless unit that can be used to conduct Physics experiments from anywhere. The device requires free download of iOLab's associated software for Windows or Mac, which can be found at iOLabWorks.com. Beta versions of web-based software are also available for Chromebooks and Linux machines. iOLab devices require a USB Type-A port (most common USB port). Computing devices with a USB Type-C will require an adapter.






the school is looking at purchasing IOLabs but we want to approve the software before we move forward in moving further in buying proses. this piece of equipment and software can be used to complete labs for all lever of physics for almost every standard for Utah core standards as well as AP Physics it comes with two pieces of adhesive felt eye bolt with M3 threading flat metal plate with M3 threading spring attached to screw with M3 threading spring inside the device, there are 12 sensors the software can record and measure in real-time and graph for students


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Jeanette Fougeron


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9th Grade


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12th Grade



Science, K-12


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All of the physics core standards except for electrical fields in how the core standards word them. it is also able to do experiments for AP and IB classes


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