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Ed Tech


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District Library Tech Coach






Rise Vision is a cloud-based digital signage tool that allows the administrator of the program (or administrators if multiple people need to manage interior digital signs - TVs or monitors) to quickly and efficiently update the school displays.






The main purpose that schools would like to use Rise Vision is that it provides elegant, eye-catching visual presentation templates, many of which will auto-update daily or can use existing spreadsheet data to update on a schedule. This makes school announcements, library promotions, counseling center news, and more easy to manage on the TVs that are installed in many common areas. Students and faculty continuously look at the displays during break times because the information is new, fresh, and topical. The intention of this website is NOT to be used directly by students or faculty. Students/faculty only have access to view the slideshows that are displayed on the school TVs or monitors in hallways and commons areas. Because it is completely web-based, it can also be used seamlessly on Raspberry Pi devices. The device is added as a device to the cloud-based console and then the website is added to the Raspberry Pi in the same place that a Google Slide would normally be added.


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