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Destiny Discover and Destiny Collection

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Instructional Tech






Follett Destiny Library Manager, a software service to which the district already subscribes, has created a new web interface, domain, and mobile app called Destiny Discover through which students and staff can search the resources of the school library catalog, place holds on materials, curate resources, etc. This app is located at the URL https://destinydiscover.com. Follett has already added links over to this domain and service within the district's Destiny software installation. Follett has provided us an updated list of domains that need to be whitelisted with our web filter in order for Destiny Discover to load and function properly in all instances. It is a PDF document that I cannot paste into this form, but I can share it upon request outside of this form.






Continue to provide students and staff members with web access to search school library resources, as well as curate and share additional digital resources, for purposes of literacy acquisition, research, and lifelong, independent learning.


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Elementary Library Media


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