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Taylorsville Sr


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Spanish Teacher






Textivate is a web application which allows teachers and educators to create multiple interactive exercises (and worksheets) based on texts or matching items, which can then be used in a number of ways, shared by other teachers / educators and accessed by students. Use textivate to access resources created by other users, or to create your own resources that you can (i) use with an interactive whiteboard, (ii) use with the whole class on laptops, chromebooks, computer suites, tablets or smartphones, (iii) embed on -- or link from -- your webpage, wiki, blog etc, (iv) set as homework or assessment or as group or individual competitions, (v) print out as worksheets, etc. etc. Found at www.textivate.com (We are looking at the group premium rate for our department)






Textivate takes already created texts, articles, etc., or you can upload original writings and it creates instant interactive exercises to help students interact with the text in a variety of ways.


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9th Grade


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12th Grade



World Language, K-12


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NM.INT.1; NM.INT.2; NH.INT.1; NH.INT.2; IL.INT.1; IL.INT.2; IM.INT.1; IM.INT.2; (Interpretive Standards)


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