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Real World Classroom

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Olympus High School


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CTE Coordinator






The Real-World Classroom is a unique teaching model based on decision-theory learning. The RWC turns any personal finance class into a role-playing game that students, teachers, and parents love. The model creates an environment where students' choices dictate the learning experience. Lessons are continually reinforced as each decision students make impacts the remainder of the course.






To be used as curriculum in the General Financial Literacy classes throughout Granite School DistrictThe RWC creates a role-playing game that is always happening in the background of the course called the "Life Lab." This blends the students' real life in-class experience with a virtual adult-life simulation. As students progress through the Life Lab, the decisions they make carry consequences in both their in-class experience and their virtual one. Every week in an RWC class represents a month in the real-world. Students are paid a virtual salary for participating in class and being enrolled in the course. Every Monday students get paid and make a budget. Every week on Friday their bills are due. Students must manage their resources wisely in order to buy both real and virtual assets in class, create an in-class lifestyle granting them privileges based on their own priorities, invest for the future to build their wealth, and prepare for the unexpected. To demonstrate they have learned from their experiences and grown from their mistakes, students actually buy their simulation grade instead of having it calculated through traditional points & percentages. Now, this makes every other decision carry weight. For example, students don't learn about what it means to be "house poor" because they read an article or did a worksheet; instead, some might actually become house poor if they overspend on something they don't really need.


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