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There is not a log in required. We would like to purchase this app on a year to year basis. If this does not work, we will discontinue. Both Granger and Cyprus have been using this same application for the past three years. Anyone that downloads the app will have access to the schools announcements and other information published on this app. Student data will not be stored or shared using this app. Student information will not be given to School Info App.

School Info App

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Requestor Work Location:

Geoff Murdock Skyline High School


Requestor Title:

Assistant Principal






This app will be used to communicate with students and parents allowing them to access information from their mobile devices concerning happening at the school. Bell schedules, announcements, and much more will be available to those students that wish to download.






Inform parents and students of things happening at the school. These include announcements, assemblies, extra curricular activities, and much more. Students and parents will be able to access the school calendar along with the parent and student portal. Extra curricular activities will be advertised. Teachers will be able to submit announcements. The student handbook will be on this app along with bell schedules. This app will be taking place of the student planner that has been being sold for years at Skyline.


Login/Access Information for Evaluation:


Type of Software:




Vendor Technical Contact Name:

School Info App


Vendor Technical Contact Phone Number:

Tom LaComb 844-824-1466 Ext: 140


Lower Grade Range:

9th Grade


Upper Grade Range:

12th Grade



Student Administrative


Utah State Core Correlation Standard(s):


Is student data shared with the vendor?



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