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Granger High School


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CTE Coordinator - District Welding Programs






Bend-Tech SE is a must have software if you bend tube, pipe, rod, wire, and bar. Bend-Tech will allow students to design, measure, bend, shape metal material used by the welding classes. This software was introduced at a Utah CTE summer conference and used by other high schools in our state. We feel this program will prepare students for the workplace, learn a valuable skill without mistakes. This software can help measure, provide the angle or degree of the bend, position of the bend, proper welding processes and non-destructive testing.






Please view the Youtube video to get a better idea of this product. Once tested here at Granger, additional seat licenses will be purchased. Granger currently has a hydraulic bender compatible with Bend-Tech software. The software will also help students learn some principles of engineering, non-destructive testing and how to use various welding processes for the right weld and bend.


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9th Grade


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12th Grade





Utah State Core Correlation Standard(s):

Welding Technician - Beginning and Intermediate levels:Strand 4: Students will use basic math and measuring skills. Strand 5: Students will read and interpret welding blueprints. Welding Technician - Advanced LevelStrand 2: Students will fabricate a project from blueprints.Strand 6: Students will conduct welding inspection and testing. Standard 3: Performing bend testing procedures.Strand 8: Students will understand the importance of career readiness skills as it relates to the workplace and outlined in the SkillUSA Framework. All levels: Students will fabricate projects using metal and welding processes.


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