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We already have Core5. Schools are asking if we will add PowerUp which is included with Core5. We need to make sure it doesn't impact us in any way. Can we give permission for Lexia to add PowerUp for our schools?

Lexia Power Up

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Curriculum & Instruction


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Karen Gregory, Associate Director of Literacy






A reading help website.






Questions contact Christine Nelson in Curriculum. Info from Vendor: We have been receiving multiple requests from elementary schools in Granite who are currently using Lexia to get access to Lexia PowerUp. * PowerUp is included with the Core5 site license and no cost to the the district or schools * PowerUp for made for struggling readers in grades 6+ and does not impact K-3 usage/fidelity requirements for the EISP grant (additional info on PowerUp is below). * Currently Granite SD is the only Utah district that has not yet been migrated to PowerUp. Migration does require district approval.


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Lexia Customer Service


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6th Grade


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6th Grade



Curriculum / Classroom Educational Technology


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