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Kearns High School


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This highly interactive and adaptive suite of simulations and tutorials is optimized to increase student achievement. The lessons engage students while providing the needed foundation to enhance understanding and improve test scores.






Labs for students that are web based and cheaper to do that also have to opportunity to do more labs.


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bob doltar


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1-877-353-6463 ext 1


Lower Grade Range:

9th Grade


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12th Grade



Science, K-12


Utah State Core Correlation Standard(s):

3-1 Describe the structure and function of organs. a. I can diagram and label the structure of the primary components of representative organs in plants and animals (e.g., heart - muscle tissue, valves and chambers; lung - trachea, bronchial, alveoli; leaf - veins, stomata; stem - xylem, phloem, cambium; root - tip, elongation, hairs; skin - layers, sweat glands, oil glands, hair follicles; ovaries - ova, follicles, corpus luteum). b. I can describe the function of various organs (e.g. heart, lungs, skin, leaf, stem, root, ovary). c. I can relate the structure of organs to the function of organs. d. I can compare the structure and function of organs in one organism to the structure and function of organs in another organism. e. I can research and report on technological developments related to organ


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