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Teresa Bruin for Konrad Wilson






The JROTC CMv3 software is used to deliver the curriculum to the JROTC students. The students will be using a new set of clicker devices along with this software. This is a new version of the software. Full description below from support@jrotc.education. The instructors install it on their computer and Lorraine installs it on a row of student computers in their classroom. The software has multiple downloads for each computer Lorraine has to install it on, and it's a lengthy process to do each one. We would like to have it packaged to make that process easier. The last question on here is a required question asking if we need an icon created. An icon for the instructor would be okay, but we mainly need it packaged so it's easier to install or have pushed out.






This software is the curriculum used by the JROTC program. Here is a more detailed description: Dear JROTC Instructors, It’s an exciting time for the JROTC Education and Curriculum Division and the JROTC Support Team. The full release of the revised curriculum and the new Curriculum Manager (CMv3) is now available. The new CMv3 release is now available to download and install to your government-issued laptop. Access the download page from the new JROTC SMARTCadet web portal at https://beta.jrotc.education/ by using the Download CMv3 button on the dashboard that is on the left side of the main portal page. From there, please refer to the “Installation Instructions and Troubleshooting Guide” for details on installing or upgrading to the full release version of CMv3. If your laptop already has the Winter beta release of CMv3 then all that is required is to run the CMv3 Sync Service. The CMv3 Sync service will automatically update your version of CMv3 as well as all new content. You may have to check the “Interval Check” value on the Sync Service Preferences page. Again, please refer to the installation document mentioned above to get help on checking the Sync Service Preferences and for troubleshooting any issues that come up during this update. Otherwise please follow the instructions to fully install the new release and content. The CMv3 user manual can be found on the main CMv3 login page to help with creating your login and password after installation. A large collection of help “Show Me” videos can be found on the main CMv3 login page as well. You can use the manual and videos to learn how to use the application. The JSOCC CMv3 training videos are available at http://www.usarmyjrotc.com/instructor/curriculum/cm_help.php. NOTE: If the Sync Service or any other installation file does not install, your school’s IT department may have re-imaged your government-issued laptop or may have altered the ADMIN rights. In either case, contact your school’s IT department to get the ADMIN rights. You must have ADMIN rights to install the CMv3 Sync Service or the full release. If you still have technical difficulties installing, email our CMv3 support office at support@jrotc.education. Thanks, The JROTC Team


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Vendor Technical Contact Name:

Provided by the military: support@jrotc.education


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no phone # provided, just an email: support@jrotc.education


Lower Grade Range:

10th Grade


Upper Grade Range:

12th Grade





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This is a full curriculum provided by JROTC. It includes multiple lessons/modules for math, history, civics, PE, leadership, geography, global awareness, health and wellness, Language Arts, life skills, etc. There are multiple standards covered. Here is a link that discusses the Curriculum Overview: http://www.usarmyjrotc.com/general/curriculum_overview.php#:~:text=JROTC%20Curriculum%20Overview,life%20skills%2C%20and%20U.S.%20history.


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