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Granger High


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Technology Support Specialist






When used with SlingStudio hardware, the SlingStudio Console app puts the power of multi-camera right in your hands, allowing you to easily manage your entire wireless SlingStudio production with a supported iPad. • Connect up to 10 video sources and, with no cables or external power source, you can be on location anywhere – at the beach, on the slopes, in the football stadium – anywhere you can carry a backpack. • Your video sources can be your iPhone, iPod, smartphones or super-expensive professional-grade camera. You can even use your laptop. • All video is in gorgeous 1080p HD resolution. • With zero wires to wrangle and camera distances of up to 300 feet, your setup and teardown is a breeze. • Switch camera angles as you please, add text and graphic overlays, compose picture-in-picture, and mix in external audio from a microphone. • Hands-free operation when auto-switching using custom time intervals or voice-activated switching. • Choose from a variety of transitions like cut, dissolve, wipe, fade to/from black with programmable durations • Import, insert, adjust and overlay your own JPG and PNG graphics and motion graphics – including logos, watermarks, lower-third titles, profile pics, ads and background images – on your live program feed. • Use prerecorded video as a source for pre-roll, post-roll, ads, bumpers, etc. by importing MP4 and MOV files from supported SD cards and USB drives. • Instant replay of program video up to one minute in length at normal or slower speeds. • Review multi-camera video footage from last ten minutes for coaching and referee scenarios. • Create custom scoreboard overlays using your own graphics and team logos.? • Create highlight clips by tagging special moments on the fly. • Get up to 7 recordings with each production, including individual feeds, the program recording, a quad view and line-in audio. • Take the live-switched program output from the HDMI out port of SlingStudio to connect to displays or other devices, such as encoders, expanding your workflow. • Save your project settings as default for next production • Use for videoconferencing in a special low-delay mode. • Enhance the live viewing experience with a no-latency HDMI passthrough mode that syncs your video with the house audio. • Easily import and automatically time-sync your footage in Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Apple Final Cut Pro X, saving hours of post-production time. By importing native camera recordings, you can substitute for any of the SlingStudio recordings and create a new program recording in 4K, in higher bit rates, or with higher quality video codecs using the SlingStudio Extension for Adobe Premiere Pro CC. All edits, effects and transitions are automatically preserved in the higher-quality program recording.






School has compatible SlingStudio Hub Hardware, and iPad devices. Would be used to stream content for Students, patrons, and staff, in a reliable manner, with minimal introduction of equipment. Would require hub to be able to connect to GSDHwr


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